Feb 07

wholesale trendy urban clothing!

100 units per case

This mix comes from a retail chain focused on selling hip, kitschy and ironic merchandise geared towards the hipster culture and incorporating fashion styles from past decades.

Lots are made up of a wide variety of clothing and may include a mix of: blouses, t-shirts, skirts, vests, casual pants, sweat pants, long sleeve shirts, shorts, cut-off denim shorts, summer dresses, jeans, denim overalls, plaid shirts, tank tops, leggings, graphic t-shirts, pajama pants, off-the-shoulder tops and more!

Lots are primarily spring/summer/fall collections – they do not contain any heavy sweaters or outerwear.

Majority of items are sized S to XL. (Majority of lots are women’s clothing only)

These wholesale clothing lots contain private label and brand names that may include: Pins and Needles, Peter Jensen, Cooperative, Levis, Stussy, Obey, Lucca Couture and more!

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Feb 04

LEVI’S Jeans Bulk Lots


Wholesale Levi’s Jeans!

50 pairs of jeans per lot (you will receive two cases with 25 units in each)

$212.50 /Case

All units are Grade A, pre-worn, all Levi’s branded!

May show signs of wear around the hems of the jeans at the bottom

May have small frays around the knees

No major tears or holes

All zippers, buttons and crotch areas are intact

Units do not come with original tags as they are pre-worn

Majority of jeans in each lot are various colors of blue (light blue, dark wash, medium wash, etc).

Each lot will contain a percentage of non-blue jeans such as black, dark green, grey, etc.

Mixed for men and women – sorry, no breakdown is available.

Lots will include a mix of styles including but not limited to: 550, 560, 572, 570, 501, 515 and more!

Fits include but not limited to: low and loose, relaxed fit, loose fit, baggy fit, tapered leg, boot cut and more!

Since these jeans are pre-worn, some stains are to be expected

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