Electronic Single Pallet Lots


Wholesale manifested electronics!

Assorted manifested electronic single pallet lots!

Each pallet lot will include a wide variety of mid to low retail value electronic items and accessories

Accessories, answering machines with caller ID, antennas, AV blank media, AV furniture, batteries, Blue Ray players, Blue Ray recorders, bridges & routers, cables, cache memory, calculators, camcorders and digital cameras, car audio/video, carrying cases, combined AV devices, digital AV players & recorders, disk drives, DVD players, DVRs, film, flash memory, game controllers, games/toys, GPS kits, GPS receivers, handhelds, hard drives, headsets and microphones, home audio, input accessories/adapters/cables, keyboards, large appliance accessories, lenses, marine electronics, memory adapters, miscellaneous mobile phone accessories, mobile phones, monitors, movies & videos, multifunction office machines, music CDs, network accessories/adapters/cables, notebooks, office shredders, operating systems, output accessories, personal care accessories, photo & video accessories, photo albums & archival storage, photo frames, pointing remote controls, portable audio, power devices & batteries, printer consumables, printers, projectors, read-only memory, remote controls, removable media, scanners, service & support, small appliances & accessories, speakers, storage accessories, adapters, system & power cables, telephoes, telescopes, televisions, video game consoles, video games, video game accessories, video memory and more!

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Wholesale Dollar Store Items


Wholesale dollar store items!

Bins are full of items and contain approximately 1,000 units

Majority of items are tagged, packaged and retail-ready!

Items may include but are not limited to

Super glue, birthday decorations, reindeer games, plastic table covers, license plate frames, blow & catch games, rug beaters, badminton play sets, custom car jewelry, auto arm rests, compasses, shower scrubbies, jello molds, water bottles, vanity mirrors, kitchen scissors, kitchen utensils/tools, streamers, plastic bag dryers, paper plates, mini battery operated vacuum cleaners, gift tags, stationery, window decals, greeting cards, invitations, toothbrush holders, shot glasses, calendars and more!!

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Bulk E-Cigarette Kits & Accessories for Resale

Ecig 1

Ecig Kit

This offer is for a take-all liquidation load of wholesale Randy’s branded e-cigarettes, kits and accessories in new overstock condition, retail for distribution and resale!

Items are brand new with no damages.

Approximately $633,718 in retail value!

23,030 selling units in the load

The load consists of a mix of e-cigarettes, kits and accessories – all Randy’s branded: Disposable e-cigarettes with retail displays, 5-pack menthol e-cigarettes, mini kits (regular & menthol) and deluxe kits (regular & menthol).

Lot breakdown is as follows:
Item # Item QTY Packing/Case Retail EXT. MSRP
12847 Randy’s Disposable E-Cigs (Regular) 24 per display 4,641 192 $9.99 $36,364
12848 Randy’s Disposable E-Cigs (Menthol) 24 per display 3,816 192 $9.99 $38,122
12922 Randy’s Menthol E-Cigarette Cart (5-pack) 600 960 $9.99 $5,994
12845 Randy’s Mini Kit (Regular) 3,133 420 $23.99 $72,161
12846 Randy’s Mini Kit (Menthol) 2,839 420 $23.99 $68,108
12849 Randy’s E-Cig Deluxe Kit (Regular) 3,607 80 $49.99 $180,314
12850 Randy’s E-Cig Deluxe Kit (Menthol) 4,394 80 $49.99 $219,656
Totals 23,030 $633,718

Description of items:

Regular/Menthol Disposable Cigarettes

Healthier alternative to traditional smoking
Lasts for 500 puffs
1.8 mg nicotine by Volume
24 units per countertop display

(Regular & Menthol)

Convenient electronic cigarette starter kit
3 nicotine cartridges
Handy USB charger with rechargeable battery
1.8 mg nicotine by Volume

Randy’s Deluxe E-Cigarette Kits (Regular & Menthol)

Premium electronic cigarette starter kit
10 regular or menthol flavored nicotine cartridges
Handy, USB wall and car chargers
2 replacement batteries
Stylish carrying case

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Wholesale Power Tool Pallets


Very full large tool pallets. Items such as Miter Saws, Industrial Planners, Cable Winch, Nailer/Stapler Kits, Drills, Air Compressors, Air tools, Hammer Drills, Welding Kits, Wrenches, Sanders etc.

Over $3,000 Retail per pallet – Average of 45 – 55pcs per Pallet. The name brand of these tool pallets are unavailable at this time

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Office Furniture Pallets


Extremely clean return loads with a large majority of scratch n’ dent items

Large majority in original packaging

Major name brand office furniture – no cheap brands!

Very little throwaway

Sold at a fraction of competitive retail values – huge profit potential!

Fully manifested

Loads typically contain: An assortment of office furniture including chairs, filing cabinets, desks, conference tables, whiteboards, work stations, executive desks and chairs, desk organizers, cupboards, service carts, security safes, printer stands, drawing tables, drafting boards, keyboard trays, storage cabinets, filing pedestals, shelving units, swivel stools, stackable chairs, book cases, folding tables, etc.

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